the destroyer > Emma Hyche


        after Heather Christle’s “The Running of Several Simulations at Once May Lead to Murky Data”

Somewhere there is a red

totally alien to the one I know

no not know but think

I do for lack of experimental data

from which to ponder brow furrowed

and then to exclaim Of Course!

This red has a heart that’s beating

but it is not the heart no

but bigger like a mist or a mountain

filling the horizon

There must be something at the root

of pain (which is also red)

in me but not of me

because Pain in abstract

has no belongings like me

It suffuses, crystallizes

like old honey when it finds

a sore spot

Our pain, you or I,

not universe but microcosm,

not isolate but pinprick

of yawning sky

It sees me from up there


Oh yeah I know her

I dwell there

her red portion is mine

and she’s looking up

The mistake

is to isolate the portion

equal heft to whole

Tinny music box, symphony

Sound effect, lightning bolting

down the tree’s throat

On the television Godzilla

destroys a tiny Tokyo

Paintbrushed doorways, matchbox cars

Tiny windows flaring flameshapes,

flaring red,



[author on instagram: @missemmacate]