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The Destroyer  is an occasional publication of text and media. It was officially launched on 11.11.11.


Drew Krewer
Maureen McHugh
Managing Editor
Meagan Lehr
Web Designer
Jason Criscio


We're looking for poetry, texts with no determinate genre, video, audio, short films, and new media. Translations welcome. Please, no cover letters or bios. Please let us know promptly if your work gets taken elsewhere.

3-5 poems of any length or a maximum of 5-10 pages of prose. Work should not have appeared previously in print or online. Keep everything in one document (.docx, .doc, .txt, .rtf) and submit via our Submittable site:

Note on all video, audio, and new media texts: please submit a sample of work (20 MB max) and/or a URL to

Work published in The Destroyer will remain in the journal's archives. We are not in the business of limiting access to our prior issues, and we take ongoing access to the journal seriously.


We tend to respond in three to six months. Please wait six months after date of response before submitting again.

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