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Harmony in Bad Taste (II), 2013
Wood, sequins, fake strands of pearls, jute, metallic rope, metal fasteners, acrylic paint, fabric paint, upholstery samples, metal studs, staples, foam, Miniature flag poles (flag removed), screws, pom-pom fringe, plastic fringe, upholstery tacks, reflective ribbon, wooden ruler, and hot glue
Live Performance Documentation @ ACRE Artist Residency, August 2013

TouchingYouTouchingMe, 2011
Performance (Documentation Video Still) at Roxeboxen Gallery, Chicago, IL
with Michael Earl
Prayer for a Roadside Saint, 2012
Commercially produced custom woven blanket, pine, acrylic paint, foam, chain, bolts, nails, gold spray paint, pleather, metal studs
Shadow in the Image of a Gun, 2011
Sequins, pine, nails, glue, faux-suede, upholstery tacks, pleather

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