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Yuko has a very short list of interests in her life: squirrels, screenprinting and color. I'd like to think that I fall in there somewhere along the lines, but I shouldn't push my luck. I have never really understood her love of squirrels. Supposedly, in Japan, squirrels don't fucking run around all over the place like they do here in the US. I guess it would be the equivalent of seeing guinea pigs running around all over the place. Honestly, the first couple of times that I see some little fucking guinea pig running around in the streets I would probably take a photo or at least say "hey, look at that fucking cute little animal running around." But I imagine that after a little while I would get used to it. I have lived with Yuko for 5+ years and not a day goes by that she doesn't take a picture of a fucking squirrel or yell at me to slow down in the car so that she can see the squirrel run up the fucking tree. That is the best thing about Yuko. She doesn't get tired of the simple things like squirrels or the mechanical process of screen printing or color (whatever the fuck that means). She can always find some new exciting bullshit in the same old thing.

––Nicholas Hay

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Sky Study II, screenprint/monoprint on paper, 7.5"x10.5", 2011
Faking it, Taking it, acrylic on wood panel, 30"x47", 2008