the destroyer > Barbara Cully


Oh, nirvana.
It's as if you stalked me the whole time

                    Oh, death.
                    So now every day is precious?

Oh, time.
Let's not stay too long at the fair


Oh, feet.
I asked too much without going too far

Oh, heart.
How big is the half we caress and caress

                    Oh, socks.
                    The largest poet alive lived in you, and you

Oh, geranium.
Still blooming after my teacher died

Oh, snake.
Sneaky of you to ruin the rest of his summers

Oh, pond—oh, sunflower.
Oh, winter acorns in a bowl—in a bowl

Oh, sister!
We’ve got sixty-five and a half mountaintops and climbing

Oh, cactus—oh, the night,
the night and the bloom

Oh, starlight.
You blur the whole room

Oh, starling—
Oh, the owl and her prey

Oh, the day.
Slipped under a wooden fence that frayed!

Oh, cow.
You really look uncomfortable

Oh, out there— out there—
starting to look good from here