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                                    for Joe Tsujimoto

if it’s going to be clean it won’t be here             or there             it is far from everything
it is             and/or-ed and othered             saliva and knuckles/whitening and tighted
trying to couple it and jux ta pose             my circle is not squaring? fuck you
coordinate geometry and whitedudes             with your grecian letters and shit
what is the word: things that are only themselves and can’t help it? regardless
its skin bruh its always skin : the epidermal is ethereal                                                 if squinted right
data demonstrates:    skin is tough to work with     or through             or out of
ever white out the thing itself?      ever want to? there’s the 9-12 million dollar question
ding ding motherfucker--there’s the skin sung out             burnt bottoms of bread
bottoms burning out against the sheets             of white ice    and sheets tenting white heads
leak white from heads                         in ancient greece only the receptive partner in homosexual
sex was considered homosexual and all i can think: skin of teeth / barking
the wrong tree                         this chapter: identity diffusion                         later:assorted
injustices             it’s never really erotic but wants to be ohoh             to be in love
is to be in lust                         but worse             [DRAKE VOICE] #worst
the body erotic             is the body electrocuted and bominable                         it wants to be what it is
but can’t              think:pendulum              how it might like the left over the right
and maybe it doesn’t wanna be right anymore      heavyhanded       fine      but understood?
a piece of flesh    filling with blood      might be a bruise                         might not?