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|P | L | A | Y | L | I | S | T ||||
E | P| H | E | M | E | R | A |

image by Alex Garant

|an exorcism|
|of the soul|


|deform me|
|to the point of ugliness| |1|

|what's your quietest|
|feeling?| |2|

|to go down deep|
|& through you| |3|

[oh yeah|
|oh yeah| |4|

|i don't want|
|to be known| |5|

|the one with the gun|
|gets to tell the truth| |6|

|what went we out into this wild-
erness to find?| |7|

|when i'm fucked up that's|
|the real me| |8|

|the mountain|
|is burning| |9|

|is there just one|
|type of dark?| |10|

|this is carefully|
|constructed chaos| |11|

|i'll do any-
thing you want| |12|

|all it down,|
all it down,| all it down, |13|

|as in advertisement | as artificial|
|as distraction| |14|

|to bleach the roots|
|& fray the ends, the edges||15|

|into the ocean|
|there goes my hope!| |16|

[sweat the shit out|
|every tear, every lie| |17|

|say you eating but we see you|
|getting cooked| |18|

|the curse travels the long way out|
|& back again| |19|

|$$$$$$| |20|

|$$$$$$$$$$$$$| |21|

|i look like hell but i'm going to see|
|where it gets me| |22|

|to be made clean to|
|see thru clear again| |23|

|what good's a few minutes more|
|going to do now?| |24|

|can you touch it|
|is it real| |25|

|the sky is green|
|i'm feeling out of place| |26|

|i'm living the dream|
|that he kept hid| |27|

[the river is dry| the edges,
the edges, where i used to lie| |28|

|it follows, it follows,|
it follows, it follows | the curse |29|

|no one's gonna take it for you, darling|
|it's true | no one's gonna make it for you| |30|