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Fwip the feelings of darkness. I sawk them, got out of bed, out the door, and in thin skin and carefully, carefully, I whisper cy, cy-cyber into McMice of the darkness. Large ears, traditionally made from red oak and welded in pairs.

In carefully thin skin, a particularly specified raw material: white bean jam, scarlet white bean.

I was lobbed and lobbed until I looked a little more like you, then a bit less until I was not such a thing anymore but not a no-thing either.

They wanted to keep me. Or I created the file, the Ball and a few blotches, BallFile find(‘ball,’ ‘blotch,’ ‘recreate’); Ballball title(‘a simple ball with simple floating blotches’); Bball (‘pixy,’ ‘&pixy,’ and ‘py’); find(‘pi’); the lob is to cause or allow one to hang heavily, like 2.94.43 heavily, we are fastened by these kinds of twins.

Hago, the most supercharged force in the universe, I hazze, addhayon hago hammeloch hazze mute/percussion-shash, a snivel in a trap. I channel mistakes through a stick because I’m lossless; without a spotch I can be perfectly reconstructed.

But the desire for thorough change continues. The horse, a real horse, has been injured and moves toward the barn like a method where it believes it can be helped.

Every time this happens I find it more difficult to return; most things are a thick and hard series in progress that projekts Notch as a name coming out of your mouth with a block of air like taut between two magnets.

Say Magda and know it is our baby. When invisible it closes and spins, could thereof oftentimes arise a presiding enchantment.

You drop milk on my lips, then bent over you pour milk over the length of my body in a single sheaf. The walkway is pinned around the steep walls of a gorge and we can see the bottom of the red air, which offers its first DNA as a decorant.

Each person, unique in its configuration, has been cast from parts of one or more other persons.

Within a shallow wooden box I pour layers of plaster. Into that material, while still soft and wet, persons are pressed: a stack of persons tied together will leave a delicate linear imprint of their fore-edges; an unbound person will transfer the pattern of its creation; a person bound in black cloth will bleed slowly as its reacts with wet plaster.

When the plaster has set up, persons can be removed, leaving behind their concave imprints, and perhaps a bit of their color, a layer of person, or hairs of person. Taste is intact. Inside, it’s become a bean jam-all. I also offer to sell you roses.