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Obsession with record –– record making as art making –– drawing significance from routine


Theses notes are what I call Master Lists. I have always had an obsession with chronicling time by creating records of anything, mostly that which pertains to my ordinary daily activity. So, this way a way of creating an interesting personal record, while also acting as a pocket-sized condensed schedule of things to do. The first few were lost –– hence the focus on personal contact information. On the backs, which I haven’t scanned, this contact information is emphasized. All of them are reinforced with tape. This is a continued project started around 2007.



These notes are a sample of a simple record of all the movies I have watched in their entirety since September 2008. I do not include any movies in this list that are watched in part –– nor do I include any short films. I tend to think of list/record making as a way of quantifying life experience, mostly driven by compulsion. Though, I rationalize these records as contributing to a future conceptual body of work that attempts to draw conclusions from the mundane observed over a lifetime.